437 Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III

It's been a while since I listened to an album on the top 500 list. I think the fact that this 92 minute Hip Hop / Rap album was next on the list also made it harder to come back to than might have otherwise been the case.

As with most of the hip hop albums on the list so far it was more enjoyable than I expected but still not something I will probably listen to again.

Most of the time it wasn't hard to listen to but the subject matter, as with most of the previous albums of this genre, was just so alien to me it was hard to relate to.

There were some moments when I would stop work and listen more intently but to be honest this was often when something I recognised had been sampled or covered into the song.

Favourite Track: Mrs Officer

Why Does This Review Exist?

I am working my way through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all time list and reviewing each album.

  • Each album is listened to only once.
  • The album is used as background music while working so how much attention I pay to it will depend on what I am doing at the time.
  • I do no research about the album or the artist.
  • The review is a one off, one moment opinion that may change with further listening.