The Smiths - The Smiths

The Review

The Smiths are one of my favourite bands so this was a real sing along album. I remember being in 6th form when this was released and it was just so different to anything else I had heard in a while. I can't say I immediately fell in love with The Smiths but over time they just grew on me. This is not their best album but it is their first one and was the one that got me hooked so it gets a big thumbs up from me.

Favourite Track: Reel Around The Fountain

Why Does This Review Exist?

I am working my way through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all time list and reviewing each album.

  • Each album is listened to only once.
  • The album is used as background music while working so how much attention I pay to it will depend on what I am doing at the time.
  • I do no research about the album or the artist.
  • The review is a one off, one moment opinion that may change with further listening.