Steve Earle - Guitar Town

The Review

Steve Earle has been described as the "Bruce Springsteen of County Music" As I am not a fan of Springsteen or country music I was expecting to be bored by this album.

Well this is one os those occasions when reality lived up to my expectations. Boring is about the most positive I can be about it. I am sure country music fans love it and and maybe Springsteen fans do to but it was far to farmyard and gingham for my taste.

Favourite Track: I never really got engaged enough to select a favourite track.

Why Does This Review Exist?

I am working my way through Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all time list and reviewing each album.

  • Each album is listened to only once.
  • The album is used as background music while working so how much attention I pay to it will depend on what I am doing at the time.
  • I do no research about the album or the artist.
  • The review is a one off, one moment opinion that may change with further listening.