I have been excited about the possibility of retina iMac ever since Apple first introduced retina to the the Macbook pro back in 2012.

To be honest I didn't really think one would be released this year and had pretty much discounted the rumours that had been flying around in the days leading up to last weeks Apple event. If one did arrive, I expected it to be a 24" panel as that would also allow Apple to produce an external display that would work with the current thunderbolt ports on the current Mac Pro and Macbook Pro.

Even while watching the live announcement of the 5K retina iMac, my first thought was, do I now need to wait for the upgrade to the Broadwell processors, that will come sometime next year, before investing, what is quite a lot of money, on this machine.

However, after reading Marco Arment's blog post on why he is not waiting for the next-generation of processes before ordering one, I have decided that now is the time to buy.

Well, when I say now, I really mean in about a months time, which should, hopefully, be enough time for any potential problems with this first generation panel to hit the news feeds. Of course waiting a month will also give me more time to raise the money for the maxed out 4.0GHZ i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD model with the upgraded graphics card that I intend to order.