As I sat down with around ten other people last Tuesday to watch the Apple announcement I had every intention of ordering an iPhone 6 as soon as they were available for pre-order almost no matter what was said at the event. I usually take every other iPhone ,(I currently have an iPhone 5 that was ordered as soon as pre-orders opened back in September 2012) so I had just accepted it was time to plunge my hand deep into my wallet and shell out what really is an enormous amount of money for a phone.

After watching the iPhone 6 announcement my expectations hadn't changed. As far as I was concerned the 6 looked like a pretty good phone and come Friday Apple would once again be filling it's coffers with my money. When Friday arrived however, I found myself unable to press the button. I wanted to. In fact I really wanted to, but I just couldn't.
I was stuck. I couldn't decide which one to buy.

For every iPhone release to date the only real choice was colour. After that you simply bought the most storage you could afford. Now with the 6 and the 6 plus you have two similar, yet different devices. I just couldn't decide which would work best for me.

In theory the 6 is probably the right choice as it will fit into my pocket easier. However I couldn't throw off the thought that if somehow I could work out a good way to carry the 6 plus, it might actually be big enough that I would no longer need a tablet device as well. I only really use a tablet for email, web browsing and reading. If the 6 plus is big enough to comfortably read on then I won't need a tablet. And if I don't need a tablet I can afford to buy the biggest 128GB iPhone 6 plus.

My plan is now to wait until the devices are actually in store. I hope when I can actually hold one in my hand I will be able to decide what will work best for me.

I do find it interesting that by giving me choice Apple have actually made the iPhone 6 harder for me to buy. I am sure this dilemma won't actually effect their sales one little bit, but you do have to ask, for companies who don't have the pulling power of Apple does offering choice actually hurt their sales?