I am hoping that as we have to, sadly, come to terms with the fact that terror is becoming a regular part of our lives that we can resist the temptation to close up and build walls both figuratively and literally.

Right now different communities need to embrace each other even more rather than become more divided.

Remember these attacks are by extremists, yes I know they hide amongst the normal and look normal and that is scary but remember they are not normal.

I urge everyone to ensure we don't become more divided and to make an effort in these coming days to draw closer to people who are different to you.

I am not just talking about race or religion here but everyone.

Right now we are a nation in the heat of an election in which, for the first time in a long time, the main parties look very different in what they are proposing and what they believe in. This has made it a passionate and sometimes particularly nasty campaign with accusations of bias and unfairness being raised daily.

Many of us are being challenged as we learn about the political beliefs of our work colleagues and neighbours. Maybe some of us are saying things that will make our relationships with these people harder once the election is over.

So just stop and think for one minute. These terror attacks are by people who want to rob you of the ability to have those different opinions. They want you to live under their law where you don't get to have an opinion.

So right now the best thing you can do to beat them is to celebrate everybody who thinks or believes differently to you.

So those people you have been arguing with on Facebook and Twitter recently. Let them know that you would defend their right to have their own opinion more than you would defend the opinions you argue over.

Find someone you completely disagree with and have coffee with them and discover all the things you do agree on.

Why not spend time with a Tory or Labour supporter. Why not really go for it and even invite a UKIP supporter or one of those Greens.

If you have a faith then make an effort to get to know people of other faiths. I am not asking you to believe what they believe I am just saying your faith should not seperate you from them as a human being.

Terror is designed to bring fear. Fear brings separation and as the old saying goes "Divided we fall".

Let's demonstrate by action not just words that terror is not the answer.

The opposite of fear is love. Let's demonstrate our ability to disagree in peace is an act of love and is why these people will never win.