I am hoping that Scotland will vote for independence this week. Not because I understand the economic arguments, in fact I have no idea if in the short term independence is economically good for Scotland or the rest of the UK.

It's also not because I am trying to get rid of Scotland from the UK. I love Scotland and enjoy the rivalry the Scots and the English have as one union yet two nations. No, I want Scotland to vote for independence because it will force a political and governmental shake up of the UK that we so desperately need.

That might seem a little selfish hoping Scotland vote yes so that the rest of the UK gets to change. However I do genuinely feel that with independence Scotland will itself have a huge opportunity to forge out a new modern nation free of the baggage of hundreds of years of entrenched politics.

The NO campaign has become desperate over the last few days and started making any offer it thinks it needs to get a no vote. These offers do mean the UK will never be the same again regardless of which way Scotland votes. The trouble is the people making these offers have no way of ensuring these measures will ever actually get implemented. In reality any attempt to implement these rushed out ideas will just get completely bogged down in arguments over what they actually mean and our currently ineffective governmental system creating years of bitterness and arguments.

A yes vote gives us no choice but to examine every aspect of UK life including national government, local government, pensions, taxes, energy , defence and the NHS. The process of independence for Scotland will provide both Scotland and the rest of the UK an opportunity for change, that in my opinion, is more important than any short term ramifications independence might bring to either side.