I first watched this TED talk by Ken Robinson about 4 years ago. Since then it has remained one of my favourite TED talks. I was interested to learn today that it is also one of the most watched TED talks ever. This actually makes me pretty sad as it also means it must be one of the most ignored TED talks ever.

It's almost 9 years old and speaks a simple truth about how we are robbing many of our kids of their futures. Having had 5 kids go through the UK education system I have seen the reality of this in our own home. If you don't fit the pattern then you are pretty much written off or sometimes even punished.

Teachers have been turned into robots , churning out repeat goods year after year. Teachers with creativity have themselves been forced to conform (or leave) which is absurd. Even worse the industrialisation of the process has facilitated and allowed a lot of people to become teachers who, in my opinion, have nothing to offer our children other than the rules and the system.

My favourite, and most productive teachers at school were always the slightly odd ones who lived on the edge of, or maybe even slightly outside of the rules.

It makes me angry that no government has the brains or the courage to actually do something about making education a journey of exploration and discovery rather than a list of results for political gain.

If you have never watched it please do. It's just under 20 minutes long and may just open your eyes to the dark place our education system is in.